Published Work

“Geniuses Think Alike”


“The Future Planner”

(in Chronos: An Anthology of Time DrabblesShackle-bound Books)

Science Fiction

In “Geniuses Think Alike,” a Nobel Prize winner goes back to a time in which her daughter is alive, but she’s not the only one to have that idea. An inventor is very proud of “The Future Planner,” if only his old mind could get the dates down right.

98 hundred-word stories from around the world, all about time.

“Royal Stowaway”

(in Broadswords and Blasters Issue 6 Summer 2018)

Humorous Science Fiction

The crew of the Dalton Delivery 5 must go off its delivery route by order of an ambassador to pick up an alien prince who stowed away in a cargo ship, which ran out of fuel and is now floating freely in space. The task will not be as easy as it sounds. Harriers from his alien world are trying to kidnap the prince and will be happy to kill anyone who stands in their way. Worst of all, the prince is nowhere in sight.

“A Pig in Court”

(in One Hundred Voices Vol. III – Centum Press, an imprint of Snow Leopard Publishing)

Humorous Science Fiction (written as C.J. Cole)

Detritus Inc. is testing the new memory visualization technology on lab animals before human testing can begin. The equipment works better than expected, and it is put to immediate use. If you thought you could trust your pet to see you breaking your diet while your spouse is out and keep quiet, think again. Animals make excellent witnesses.

“An Evil Foretold”

(in Distressing DamselsFantasia Divinity Publishing)

Dark Fantasy, Fairy Tales (written as C.J. Cole)

Have you ever wondered why the Evil Queen in the tale of Snow White is evil? What she was like as a young girl? What brought on her cruelty and obsession with beauty? Here is your chance to find out. Villains’ backstories are so much more interesting than heroes’.

“The Slippery Case of the Slipper”

(in Candlesticks and Daggers: An Anthology of Mixed-Genre Mysteries – Edited and published by Kelly Ann Jacobson)

Fantasy/Mystery, Fairy Tales (written as C.J. Cole)

In the land of fairy tales, crime is as common as noble steeds, and Detective Lonsbrough has no shortage of work. What seems at first a royal brat’s whim may turn out to be a real case. It would be so much easier to solve if things were as they seemed, and mazes had a way out that stayed in the same place, unblocked by trickery or fairy glamour.

“The Old Rulers of Klatan”

(in Metamorphose Vol. 2Metamorphose Literary)

Humorous Science Fiction (written as C.J. Cole) – 1st Prize Winner of the 2016 Metamorphose Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing Contest

Everyone in the galaxy wonders why Klatan has always been ruled by such old empresses. A close look at Empress Eliza II’s strategy for dealing with her bellicose neighbors will give you the answer.

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