More Published Work

“My Body in Ten Dimensions”

(in Breaking Bizarro – Death’s Head Press)

Bizarro Science Fiction

The most ambitious thesis project of the decade could get theoretical physics student Isabella Martinez a foot in the door at any company or research institute she chooses…or it could detach her from this reality and everything she cares about. She thinks the risk is worth it. She goes ahead with the experiment. Miss. Martinez is willing to tell you exactly what she did and how she did it. Are you ready to see the results?

“Contest for the Perfect Creature”

(in Galactic Goddesses Fantasia Divinity Publishing)

Science Fantasy

The Goddesses of the Cosmos have created a contest to determine who can create the most useful, beautiful, complex creature ever. Each Goddess brings her best work forward, to the delight of the others and the benefit of the universe. However, someone seems to be missing, and her creation may have to save them all from the destructive powers of one of the children, who has chosen to misbehave, to the helplessness of its overwhelmed mother. Who will win? Who is this perfect creature?

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