Honorable Mention

in Writers of the Future Vol. 37 

My story "The Mark of the Fingered Grohl"

won an Honorable Mention in the

Writers of the Future Contest - 1st Quarter 2020 


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Flash Fiction Class

Write What You Fear

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2019 Writing Seminar

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The Story Puzzle

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Rewriting to Greatness


with David Farland

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Critters Online Workshop

with Critter Captain, Dr. Andrew Burt

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Book Review

The Horror Writer: A Study of Craft and Identity in the Horror Genre Edited by Joe Mynhardt - Hellbound Books

I have found many books on the craft of writing general fiction, fantasy and science fiction, but not many on the craft of writing horror. It was, therefore, a delight to come across this new book on writing from Hellbound Books.

I believe it will be especially useful to new writers of horror, as it gives insight on what some of the masters and professionals who have made it have to say about the genre. The book is by no means an academic text on the history of horror fiction meant for the classroom. This is an anthology of essays by professional horror writers and interviews with some of the top authors out there with varying topics that cover everything from identities represented in the genre to podcasting tips meant to shed light on the current trends in horror fiction, ways of getting published, means for networking and promotion, finding your own voice, writing emotional stories that connect with your readers, avoiding cheap scares, and using everything at your disposal in your writer's toolbox to create the best stories you can tell.

Some of the greats have contributed to this book on the craft, including Ramsey Campbell, John Palisano, Stephanie M. Wytovich, Jasper Bark, Lucy A. Snyder, Richard Thomas, Lisa Morton, and many others, plus interviews with authors Stephen Graham Jones, Mort Castle, David Owain Hughes, and Steve Rasnic Tem. Learning tips from the best is invaluable to new writers.

The best part is, these writers speak our language. The essays and interviews are for you, horror film trivia master, avid bookworm, videogame slasher extraordinaire, scare enthusiast, and Halloween lover. They are written for our time in history; for our complex, modern, diverse, politically-impeccable, tech-savvy society. We would do well to listen and apply as needed. If you are getting your wooden stakes, flamethrower, knife, and chainsaw ready to embark on the horror writing journey, do yourself a favor and read this book.

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