Honorable Mentions

in Writers of the Future Vol. 37 

"The Mark of the Fingered Grohl"

Writers of the Future Contest - 1st Quarter 2020

"The Small Unwanted of Sewerton"

Writers of the Future Contest - 2nd Quarter 2020

"Brand Born"

Writers of the Future Contest - 4th Quarter 2020

Writing Workshops, Classes, Seminars 

I have attended the following:

Keep It Brief

with Richard Thomas

Flash Fiction Class

Write What You Fear

with Gemma Files

Horror Writing Workshop

2019 Writing Seminar

Panels, Workshops, Craft Day

The Story Puzzle

Writing Mastery

Rewriting to Greatness


with David Farland

Speculative Fiction Workshops

Writers of the Future 

Online Workshop 

with David Farland, Tim Powers,

and Orson Scott Card

Essays by L. Ron Hubbard

Critters Online Workshop

with Critter Captain, Dr. Andrew Burt

Looking for speculative fiction classes and workshops where you can "find your voice" and improve your writing? Let professional authors teach you the craft at

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