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A thirst to know every aspect of making books led to a Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic Design Focused on Publishing, and a Certificate in Children’s Book Illustration.

Cole's first short story accepted for publication won first prize in a science fiction and fantasy writing contest. 

Thanks to a life-long habit of self-improvement, Catherine J. Cole is  currently working toward her Master's Degree in English/Creative Writing focused on Fiction from Texas Tech University.


Writing Workshops:

  • The Art of Revision with Dr. Katie Cortese (2021)

  • Keep it Brief with Richard Thomas (2019)

  • Write what you Fear with Gemma Files (2019)

  • Superstars Writing Seminar (2019)

  • Critters Online Workshop (2018)

About the Writer & Designer

Catherine J. Cole is a writer of speculative fiction who delights in exploring the many subgenres of science fiction, and sprinkling them with fantasy, horror or mystery.

Five years in community theater nurtured her love of different characters, voices, and points of view. Getting inside a character’s head and speaking through alien lips are common abilities of fiction writers.


Cole's first professionally-paid job was recording twelve audiobooks for middle-graders and young adults. She got started in the publishing industry at the age of fifteen.

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